Wednesday, March 28, 2012


By Brenda Boen
January 28, 2009

Have you ever met a woman who seems to have it all together?  She knows just she wants and how to make it happen.  She is task oriented, covers all her bases and people take notice when her name is mentioned.  If you need something done you just let her know and it’s gets taken care of.  There isn’t a shy bone in this woman’s body.  She is aggressive, won’t take no for an answer and somewhat bigger than life at times.   In the corporate world this woman is a highly prized employee.  In other areas of life she is valued because she can be in charge of something and see it successfully through to the end.  Imagine all the good this woman can do if her focus is pointed in the right direction.  A woman of God could accomplish much for the Lord in this area.  But on the other hand, a woman with evil intent can do much against the Lord.  One such woman is mentioned in I and II Kings.  Her name was Jezebel. 

Jezebel was a princess who married a king, a very powerful woman.  She was a woman of great conviction and unwavering devotion.  The problem was that her intent worship was not of God, but directed to the pagan god, Baal.  She was determined that she was going to convert Israel to her own religion.  She went so far as to hunt down and kill all the priests and prophets she could find and replaced them with 850 or her own.  She used her strong convictions to get whatever she wanted.  She even had a man falsely accused and killed so her husband the king could have his vineyard.  What an evil woman she was.

Let’s think for a moment.  What if Jezebel had been working for the Lord to further His kingdom?  Oh, what she could have accomplished.  Can you just imagine it?   You know, it’s not enough to be committed or sincere.  What’s important is where your commitment lies that makes the difference.  Where do your commitments lie today?  Is your life showing signs that you are working FOR the Lord or AGAINST Him? 

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