Monday, March 12, 2012

Tell Me a Story

By Brenda Boen
February 2008

Stories, we like to tell them and have them told to us.  They are entertaining.  They move us.  They teach us.  They are exciting.  We can learn a great deal through stories. 

As my children were growing up they would love to sit and listen to stories about people and their adventures.  They could imagine themselves doing the same things the people in the stories were doing.  But often times, without them even knowing it, they were learning some important truths about life.  About how to treat people, how people sometimes would treat them and how they should respond in the correct manner.

Jesus knew the important aspect of teaching through stories, called parables in the Bible.  And He used every opportunity to get His message across in a way people could understand. 

The Bible, God’s Word, is full of stories about people who went through events in their life that we can relate to today and apply to situations we are going through.  For example:

When was the last time you slew a giant in your life with a single rock in God’s name?  (David and Goliath—I Samuel 17:45-60)

When was the last time you refused to give up your convictions to survive the lion’s den or a fiery furnace?  (Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego—Daniel 3; Daniel in the Lion’s Den—Daniel 6)

When was the last time you used a perceived weakness you have to do a great work for God?  (Ehud’s left handedness—Judges 3:12-30)

When was the last time God had to put you in the belly of a whale because of  your disobedience? (Jonah and the Whale—the Book of Jonah)

When was the last time God called you to action but you resisted because you didn’t feel adequate for the task?  (Moses—Exodus 3 & 4; Gideon—Judge 6 and many more)

There are some many stories full of truths about God and how we are to relate to Him and others in His Word. Sure, there may not be literal giants or fiery furnaces in our lives but we all face symbols of these in our lifetime.  If you want to know more, open up His Word and find out.  The treasure is there waiting for you and God will reveal it to you.

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