Monday, March 12, 2012

Rose Colored Glasses

By Brenda Boen
May 27, 2008

As a little girl I fantasized about my prince in shining armor who would sweep me away to our beautiful castle full of servants and a wonder life of ecstasy.  I would have a bounty of wonderful food and a vast flowing wardrobe. I would have a mate who would hang on my every word and I, in turn, would sit longingly at his feet taking in every word he said.  And, of course, we’d embrace and hold hands everywhere we’d go.  We’d do everything together.  He’d love smelling flowers with me and I’d love watching the animals with him.  And eventually we’d have beautiful perfect children who would say “yes, mother” and “yes, father”.  Life would be a bed of roses and I’d sing all the time and frolic joyfully along life’s pathway.

Then reality would set in and I’d realize that life is not always a bed of roses.  There are thorns out there and they hurt.  Sometimes the pricks in my fingers would heal quickly and at other times it would take some time to get back to normal.

There are so many things in my life that have shattered my rose colored glasses.  The reality that not everyone is perfect or cares how I feel.  There are bumps along the road.  Sometimes the bump is so hard that you hit you head on the roof of the car of life of come back down on the seat so hard that it hurts for a while.  You ask yourself “Why did that just happen to me?  Why me?  Why now?”

Life can be chaos.  It’s like a battlefield where you have enemies at every turn and can’t see the way out.  You swipe your sword every which way and they keep coming.  If only there was a way out!  “Calgon, take me way!!” you scream.

Sometimes it’s not the enemy.  Often times it’s good things and good people and you wonder if you can fit it all in.  If you can just figure out how to balance your life.  Quit this, and concentrate on this.  Spend more time here and less time here. “Oh, Lord, teach me how to balance and juggle!”

Scripture tells us we need to respond with prayer and wisdom and not out of fear and control.  Life comes at us fast.  How do you respond?

  1. First we need to realize that we are not in control.  God is in control.  He knows what is best and can guide you.  Seek His guidance.
  2. We can rest in Him amid the chaos.  Abide in Him.
  3. Walk confidently.
  4. Keep our eyes fixed on what is important.
We don’t leave this life with things or with people.  We do make an impact on those people around us—good or bad.  It’s where we’re headed that counts.  Make the most of your time while you’re down here on earth.

Life is a learning process.  We can learn along the way and how we respond not only affects us but those around us.  Sure we get our feathers ruffled at times.  Sure we prick our fingers from the thorns of life.  And the bumps along the way will make us uncomfortable for a while.  But you have to get back up and get back on the horse.  We do that with God’s strength and no of our own.  Sheer determination can get you back up but it’s God’s strength that will help you hold on and endure.  Develop an attitude of thankfulness for all the times you are thrown off the horse.

God can calm your storm but remember that the storms are good to teach us so be thankful for your storms.  It’s not about balance in your life.  It’s about abiding in Him.  Thank God for opportunities and people He puts in your path.  God never promised us a rose garden.  He promises us life, eternal security and happiness in Him.  We’ll have bumps but He’ll be there to hold our hand.

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