Monday, March 12, 2012

Famous Last Words

By Brenda Boen
September 27, 2008

There have been many people throughout history who have penned their last words before they died. Some record the bitter lonely life they led, others about their glorious home in heaven that was waiting for them. Others have left a legacy of love, encouragement, kindness and compassion.

What do you want your family and friends to read about you? Do they know your heart? Have you thought about writing letters of encouragement to each of your family members and close friends? Telling people verbally how you feel and appreciate them is a wonderful way to share your heart and should be done regularly. Whatever you do, don't leave things unsaid until it's too late. You never know how long you'll be in this earthly body.

Another way to leave your legacy is by writing it down. In time words spoken tend to fade, can be forgotten or misquoted. The written word can be a cherished memory that your loved ones can read over and over again through the years and passed down to future generations. WOW! Think about what an impact you can make.

So what do you write about? First you can tell them how much you love and appreciate them. Advice about life and how you've learned the hard way may help steer someone on the right path. And, of course, sharing your Christian faith will give them direction and hope. The only way to true happiness is through Jesus Christ. There is no other way. We can be good all day long but that won't get you to Heaven. The secret is the easiest choice---to walk with God every day and by following His Word, the Bible.

In my Legacy of Faith scrapbook I've included my salvation experience, poured out my heart to God and how I feel about Him, included several pages about how God loves me and cares about me, included matters of prayers for others, included various favorite scriptures and songs that have special meaning to me. I also have a page that details my quiet time with the Lord. Every page has been carefully created with meaning. Nothing was slapped together just because it looked good.

My prayer is that you will consider putting your Legacy of Faith on paper. It can be done in so many different ways but the important thing is to just do it. Your family members will receive a tremendous blessing if you do.

What have you written on memory's page?
Deeds that were done in the Master's name?
Words that were spoken to spread His fame?
What have you written today?

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